Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Thrall Vignette

While discussing the most poignant moment in Christie Golden's recent "Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects", a coworker and fellow WoW player (Censor of Blackrock) made a reference to another body of work that I think needs to be shared with everyone. That said, fairly MASSIVE spoilers for "Thrall" (p.94 in the hardcover) after the break.

   "My child," Durotan whispered.
   He was still alive!
   Thrall crawled over to the infant and picked him up. He hazed into his own blue eyes and touched his own small face. Then, as he knelt beside his father, Thrall rolled him over onto his back. Durotan grunted once in pain. Thrall placed the infant, wrapped in a swaddling cloth that bore the emblem of the Frostwolves, on Durotan's chest.
   "You have no arms to hold him," Thrall said, his voice thick, tears filling his own blue eyes as the child that he had been wept. "And so I place him on your heart."
   Durotan, his face drawn in torment that Thrall could barely imagine, shook his head.
   "'Tis but a scratch. I've had worse."

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