Monday, March 19, 2012

The View from a Thousand Levels Up

I don't claim to be the best player in the world. I don't claim to have the most experience at the end game. I don't pretend I know every trifling detail about every single class (though I like to think I come pretty close). But there are two things I know for certain.

The first is that I am a better player than most. The second is that most players don't have the leveling experience that I do. As a player with a decent history of progression (limited significantly by my schedule) and nine 85s plus a battery of alts, I feel pretty confident in what I am about to say.

Not every class is designed to be enjoyed every player. There is no one-size-fits-all talent specialization that appeals to every single person. You may not like every single character that Blizzard allows you to roll. You might get angry when blizzard asks you to DPS while you're healing. You might become frustrated when you're asked to blow a healing cooldown while you're tanking. You might even become infuriated if you're asked to tank something while you're DPSing. But here's an interesting fact: Blizzard didn't force you to roll the character you created. Blizzard didn't demand you make a restoration shaman instead of a holy priest. Blizzard didn't force you to roll a druid instead of a warrior. If you don't like the fact that your class has flexibility, pick a different class.

I'm not saying that a  player should be forced into a certain spec against their will, but if you are going to play a feral druid, you better damn well be expecting that, sooner or later, your raid leader is going to ask you to use your Tranquillity. And if you don't, or you refuse to, you can be even more certain that you raid leader will find significantly fewer reasons to bring you along to your guild's next raid.

This post has become quite a good deal more preachy than I initially intended, but my point is this. If you aren't comfortable playing the class or spec you're playing, try something else! There are literally 34 specs in this game come Mists of Pandaria. Don't make yourself miserable by playing one that doesn't fit your playstyle preferences. It's silly to stop enjoying a game simply because you're stuck in your ways, or worse yet because your guild is stuck in theirs.

If monk healing doesn't sound like your bag because you might be forced to do some damage to maximize your HPS, don't play a Mistweaver. If the concept of one of your least-important DPS cooldowns being in the hands of your teammate makes you want to jump off a cliff, don't play a Windwalker. If you don't like most of your rotation being instant spells, don't play a resto druid.

But please, don't try to ruin the fun for the people who do enjoy those types of gameplay by demanding that Blizzard "fix" them to your arbitrary standards.

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