Wednesday, February 1, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging, Day 5 - Favorite Item(s) in Game

I've never really been the type of player to become attached to a specific item. Gear sets, maybe - my druid still has his full final set of main-spec gear from level 70 and from level 80. They took up a ton of space in my bank for a long time, but when transmogrification finally came around, I was totally vindicated for keeping all that useless old gear around.

If I have to pick one item I think I'll always enjoy having around, it would probably be Deathbringer's Will. It was an insanely good trinket for cats when it was current, and it had a very unique proc. Not too long ago I decided to wear it in LFR while DPSing. It wasn't long before someone asked why there was a tauren (actually a taunka, but the person asking probably never played Wrath or they'd have known why the following wasn't all that strange) whacking Morchok with a polearm.

Being a cat, receiving an item that changed our appearance without removing us from cat form or being removed upon entering cat form was an unusual occurrence. Furthermore, finding one that had consequences as amusing as this one was priceless. Watching a vrykul leap through the air to switch to an add, then watching a spectral cat leap out of his crotch to attack a target with its paws is something that will never, ever get old.

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