Tuesday, January 31, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging, Day 4 - Your Best WoW Memory

This one is pretty difficult to answer, I have to say. This is a game that is laden with memories for me. From as recent to killing Deathwing with my guild finally all the way back to my first dungeon on my hunter, there are a million things I look back on with fondness.

But I have to say, if I can only pick one moment of nostalgia in the six years I have to bank with, my first Zul'Farrak run with Durto and Auxesia has to be one that I recollect with the most misty eyes and the one that heralded my change into the type of player that I am today.

I recanted the tale of Durto and Auxesia in my first ever post here. Rather than repost it, I'll just add a few other thoughts.

The reason Durto and Auxesia made such a huge impact on me is twofold. The first aspect is that they were great players that gave me something to aspire to, someone to model myself after and learn from to become a better player. Secondly, and more importantly, they wanted to help me learn. For whatever reason they saw some kind of promise in me - or maybe they just felt like it - and then did their best to educate me, to push me in the right direction, and to offer me some form of guidance in my playstyle. I had already raided on my hunter a bit, and I wasn't an utter noob. My hunter was properly speced for her gear level, and I knew the basic rotation, but I wouldn't say now that I was a great player. There were dozens of habits, especially tanking-related, that Durto taught me that have helped my play in every aspect of WoW. From understanding proper mob positioning to situational awareness to reacting thoughtfully under pressure, these good practices have led me to being (in my eyes, anyway) a great player. Without those memories I wouldn't have had the foundation to build upon to becoming excellent and not just average.


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