Thursday, January 26, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging, Day 3 - Your First Day Playing WoW

Oh, man, my first day?

I can barely remember for the life of me, but I definitely remember what I was playing: a female night elf hunter. What could possibly be more original and unique than a female night elf hunter!? Her name was Serafinae, and I had just signed up for the trial after Star Wars Galaxies jumped the shark with the "Combat Upgrade" (spoiler: not an upgrade).

If there's anything I remember vividly, it was how easily I became engrossed in the little things. The story that played out through the quest lines was only moderately interesting in that little glade on Teldrassil, but the detail in the world, from the webbing in the spider caves to the deer prancing around aimlessly that I used as target practice (bad nelf, I know).

The other thing I remember quite clearly is getting to Darnassus for the first time. It wasn't a bustling metropolis, as already the Alliance had starting basing itself primarily out of Ironforge, but there were several level 60 players there who, for reasons lag- or convenience-related, preferred Darnassus over it. And I remember just how "epic" they truly looked.

It's not that players these days don't look cool - a lot of them certainly do, and with the advent of transmogrification and just the general excellence of T13 sets - but back then, looking cool was a privilege of the elite. I won't argue whether or not I think this is a good thing, because it's irrelevant, but holy cow were those guys in Tier 1 decked out like badasses among a sea of people in blues and greens. It really did give me something to aspire to become.


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